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Natural Language Search
Local business search is changing rapidly. Consumers are now using a variety of devices-- from voice assistants to mobile apps to chatbots –to find what they need around town.
Soleo offers a Local Search Engine™ that allows consumer-facing brands to deliver a natural user experience while driving new sources of revenue from performance-based advertisement.
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Performance Marketing
Performance-based advertising only succeeds with a greater understanding of how leads are generated. Why pay for impressions on a website when you can buy calls specifically for your business?
The Soleo Pay-Per-Call Network is an AI-based programmatic exchange that matches consumer intent from a variety of sources with those local, regional, and national merchants that are looking to be found.
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Soleo Snaps
We will be attending the AI Assistant Summit in San Francisco from January 25 – 26nd and the Street Fight Summit West in Los Angeles from January 30 – 31st. To schedule a meeting with us while we are there, email