• Fueling Local Mobile


    The Soleo Local Search API provides consistent, real-time, value-based data and ad content allowing businesses to make direct connections with intent-driven users.

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  • Welcome To The

    Call Generation

    Soleo is revolutionizing the pay per call market with its cloud-based leads exchange – leads that directly result in phone calls to your business.

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  • More Than

    4 Billion Calls

    In 2014, Soleo will handle more than 4 billion calls in our network – many of them leads for small to mid-sized local businesses. We have calls for florists, plumbers, dentists – you name it – in most localities across North America. Find out more about our pay per call services!

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  • Publisher and Developer

    API Access

    Our leads exchange is programmatic on both the supply side and demand side. We buy and sell call-based leads through our robust computer interfaces.

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