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In 2017, voice search will account for over 20% of all human to computer searches and by 2020, a full 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice.  Don’t get left behind!  Talk to us today about the local voice solutions that can drive real results for you and your end users! 

Hosted Call Transfer Services
Soleo’s proprietary hosted platform that provides basic and enhanced call intercept features for carriers. In addition to basic call treatments, Soleo offers a patented revenue generating solution that provides consumers with information to help them find a similar business based from the original dialed number. 

Directory Assistance Automation
Our DAA platform utilizes our natural language capabilities and extensive data sets to provide our carrier partners with a traditional directory assistance solution that offers cost savings from legacy platforms and revenue generation with a seamless integration of carrier specific data. 

Integration with Voice Assistants 
The rise in in-home voice assistants has ushered in a new space in local search. Consumers are looking to search on the go by speaking in a natural, conversational format into many different devices. At Soleo, we have developed a highly customized local search assistant, catered to our partners’ needs.   For a demo of our local search platform, visit