Directory Assistance

Want help looking up a phone number? The Soleo automated directory assistance platform is available 24/7. For telecom providers looking for service flexibility, high fulfillment rates, and cost efficiencies, our DA platform does it all. Built upon decades of experience, the Soleo DA service handles voice requests for business, residential and government listings as well as search by business category and search by telephone number.

High Performance Search Engine
Soleo's FlexiSearch is a carrier-grade search engine that supports extremely high volumes and large datasets with superfast response times. Designed for flexibility, it is the ideal cloud-based solution for hosting white pages, yellow pages, and rich directory content.
Automated Search
Soleo’s DA automation platform provides the telecom industry with the highest automation rates using cloud-based prompts, speech recognition, and text-to-speech technology. For carriers that offer operator support, our automation platform can be integrated on both the front-end and back-end of the call, reducing overall agent work time.
Agent Search
Soleo’s FlexiStation is a fully configurable operator workstation ideally suited for efficient information retrieval in a call center environment. Operator screens can be customized based on call handling practices, making the operator work environment tailored for your service.
Customizable Call Flows
Soleo’s Call Management Platform can be used to modify your call flows and branding announcements. Options for SMS delivery, call completion and language preferences are also included. Integration with carrier billing systems are seamless with our real-time reporting API and call detail records.