Buy Calls 

Effortless Lead Acquisition 

Getting consumers to call your business is what we do.  Manage your pay-per-call campaigns from start to finish with Soleo's end-to-end call management solution.

Unparalleled Access to Live Phone Call Leads

Soleo is the largest programmatic pay-per-call network in North America. These are live callers actively looking for a business. We use speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) to match the caller’s intent with products and services in your business category.


Self-Service Campaign Management

Tailor your pay-per-call campaign to the specific needs of your business. You control when you want calls, in what business categories, from what locations, and the price you are willing to pay to get those calls. Schedule when your campaign is on and off, pace the number of calls you receive a day, and receive feedback on how well your campaign is designed relative to your competition and the goals you are trying to achieve.

Do you prefer to bid on calls in real-time? Tap into our programmatic network directly though our Advertiser APIs.

Recommendation Tool for Category Selection
To ensure the best possible matching of caller intent to your products and services, users can enter a text description describing their business to generate a set of category and keyword targeting suggestions.
Geo-Targeting Tool
For hyper-local targeting of your customers, users can utilize an interactive geo-targeting map that allows for selecting locations based on latitude and longitude, zip code, city, state, or nationwide.
Bid-Strength Optimizer
To improve performance within the auction, users are provided with a tool for measuring bid strength that continuously provides real-time pricing information related to a specific business category.
Open Auction
Our open auction approach to pay-per-call ensures that you receive the most competitive pricing for qualified call leads. We ensure that all calls are generated using methods that adhere to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and allow you to choose what type of call sources you want and those that you don’t.