Call Automation

Soleo offers a wide variety of call handling tools for carriers, directory assistance providers, call centers, and other phone-based customer interfaces for businesses.

Interactive Voice Response 

Soleo offers a variety of call handling solutions for call centers and other businesses requiring a flexible platform to support their phone-based customer interactions. Our robust IVR tools allow customers to create automated greetings and customized front-end menus for filtering, prioritizing, and routing calls. Soleo's interactive dialog technology is accessed through a simple and intuitive tool allowing customers to easily access template call flows or create custom menus based on the needs of their business. Location-based routing is also available for businesses with multiple locations.

Customizable Call Flows

Soleo offers a suite of IVR tools to modify your call flows and branding announcements. Options for SMS delivery, call completion and language preferences are also included. Integrations with carrier billing systems are seamless with our real-time reporting API and call detail records.