Call Reporting and Analytics

All your campaigns are captured in a single reporting dashboard. This includes calls from the Soleo Call Network and those independently managed. If the user elects to record calls, users can access the call recordings and transcription for further keyword spotting.

Real-time Reporting
Calls appear on the dashboard within minutes. These reports identify the type of call source, call volumes, conversion rates, and basic call scoring. Additionally, users can view real-time trend and opportunity reports to identify categories and locations that are seeing significant changes in traffic volume.
Call Recording
After informing callers that the call may be recorded, users can enable these call recordings for all calls received or just from specific call sources. These recordings are directly accessed on the reporting dashboard.
Call Transcription
Every recorded call is eligible for call transcription, which generates a downloadable file capturing the entire conversation with the call lead. This includes our ability to distinguish both the caller and receiving parties in the transcription.
Call Scoring
Using information gathered from the recording, the transcription, and the call itself, we assign a score to each call to help identify your highest quality call leads.