Call Tracking and Analytics
Soleo’s call tracking tools allow you to manage your marketing campaigns and improve ROI by gaining valuable insights into caller behavior and conversion rates. We offer real time reporting and data analytics for every inbound call.

Measure ROI Across All of Your Channels

Know which ad campaigns make your phone ring. There are many tools that track paid search performance, but if you’re looking to understand which campaigns persuade prospects to call, then you need call tracking.

Our call tracking solutions scale with your business. Call tracking numbers can be acquired and kept in place for offline campaigns or assigned across a variety of digital media campaigns.

Pay less, get more

Don’t overpay for a call tracking service. Our no-commitment pricing represents the best value in the market.

And the more minutes you use, the less you pay. High volume customers have access to our tiered pricing that can bring savings of up to 75-80% off our standard rates. Better yet, call tracking is included for free for traffic that traverses the CallThread pay-per-call network. 

Core Benefits

Cost-effective and scalable call tracking options
Ability to track online and offline campaigns in one place
Access to real-time reporting dashboard
Key marketing insights around campaign performance and conversions
Optional call recording
Customizable IVR and call routing capabilities

Simple Call Tracking

Easily reserve a permanent phone number and assign it for use across any variety of media outlets, including websites, tv commercials, print publications, and billboards.

  • Local and toll-free numbers are instantly available through our number selection tool that provides ‘clean’ numbers - those that have not been used in the last 30 days.
  • Vanity numbers are also available by city, state, zip or area code.
  • Tracking numbers can also be ported from your existing phone numbers to our platform without any interruption in service. This process typically takes less than 48 hours.

Call Routing

Our simple and intuitive IVR tool also enables you to create an automated greeting and front-end menu for filtering and routing calls, and gives you the option to configure custom voicemail greetings to ensure that every call is treated appropriately, even when you can’t answer the phone.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics Tools

Our reporting and analytics dashboard includes access to a variety of helpful features and tools, including call detail records. This data appears within minutes after the call is completed.


Call Recording

Call recording can be turned on for specific campaigns. These recordings are accessible through the reporting dashboard.

Start Improving Your ROI with Call Analytics