Call Tracking and Routing

In order to effectively measure the ROI associated with call buying campaigns, you need to be able to distinctly identify the source of the call and then route the call appropriately. More sophisticated users will also employ IVR call treatments to further qualify leads prior to the call being delivered.

Automatic Call Routing
Each call buying campaign can be configured based on time or day, so you only get calls when you want them. Campaigns can also be introduced with location-based routing for those businesses with multiple locations.
Interactive Dialog Management
All call tracking numbers have the option to create an automated greeting and front-end menu for directing calls. This interactive dialog is handled through a simple and intuitive dashboard for creating custom call menus, prompt recordings, and response-based routing.
Robocall Blocking
Soleo’s call tracking numbers also filter robocalls, where suspicious calls are identified in real-time and flagged before being recorded.
Configure custom voicemail greetings and ensure that every call lead is handled, even when you can’t answer the phone.