Hosted Intercept

Soleo is uniquely positioned to assist carriers in deriving greater value from their call traffic through a combination of Hosted Intercept Services and our Direct Merchant Referral Program. Soleo's enhanced service allows carriers to monetize call traffic to non-working business numbers by providing the caller alternative businesses in their geographic area free of charge. Soleo shares the advertising revenue from the local businesses that pay to be promoted with the carriers. Callers can also be given the option to transfer to paid Directory Assistance services. Both services generate new revenue while increasing caller satisfaction.

Search Engine for Local Businesses
Soleo’s Direct Merchant Referral service understands what non-working numbers are being called and what are the best options for other businesses in the area. Over 50% of callers stay on the line to listen to these choices resulting in highly motivated consumers being connected to receptive merchants.
Flexible Network Integration
Soleo has years of experience interworking with both TDM and IP networks making the implementation of Call Transfer Services easy and seamless for telecom providers. Our carrier-grade systems provide the reliability and quality needed for a telecom network.
Extensive Ad Network
Soleo works with many partners to create an extensive network of over one million sponsored business listings. Our matching algorithms pair these sponsored listings with callers looking for products and services within a specific business category.
Customizable Call Flows
Soleo provides a variety of call flows for determining a caller’s true intent when reaching a non-working number. In some business categories, we offer follow up questions to determine the most appropriate way to direct their call. The net result is happy callers and a better targeted lead for merchants.