A universal platform for buying, managing, and analyzing calls for your pay-per-call campaigns.

Buying Leads

CallThread provides access to the largest pay-per-call network in North America. Our platform connects live callers actively looking for services with local merchants in their geographic area who are ready to serve their needs. 


Self-Service Campaign Management 

Our comprehensive set of campaign management tools allows you to easily create and manage your own pay-per-call campaigns to meet the needs of your business. You control the categories in which you receive calls, hours of operation when you want to receive calls, targeted geographies based on your service area, and the price you are willing to pay to have those calls directed to your business. Our bid strength tool provides you with informed feedback on the competitiveness of the price you set for each call and our pacing tool allows you to control the number of calls you receive each day, week, and month. In addition, you will receive real-time feedback on the performance of each campaign relative to your competition through our reporting tools. 

Track Calls

CallThread also offers a competitively priced set of call tracking features and plans including. Local and toll-free numbers are readily available through our phone number selection tool that ensures only ‘clean’ numbers, those that have not been used in the last 90 days, are offered. Our call tracking widget makes it easy to insert a call tracking number to any website or landing page. We make it easy to port existing phone numbers to our platform without service interruption. This process typically takes less than 48 hours. CallThread’s call tracking numbers also screened and filtered using our robocall detection technology to block these calls from our platform. Voicemail, call recording, and call transcription services are also available. 

Analyze Performace

Calls appear in real time on our reporting dashboard. These reports identify the type of call source, call volumes, conversion rates, and basic call scoring. Additionally, customers can view real-time trend and opportunity reports to identify categories and locations experiencing significant call traffic and increased opportunity for conversions. Call scoring is also available to help identify the highest quality call leads. We also easily integrate with a variety of reporting dashboards such as, Google Ads, Salesforce, Power BI, and Tableau. 

Become a Publisher 

Become a qualified CallThread publisher and gain access to over one million distinct advertisers with content spanning over 2,400 business categories. Soleo has partnered directly with national brands to create more value for our publishers. Leverage these exclusive opportunities and earn more money for the quality calls you generate.