Inbound Call Management
Conversions happen when a strong lead is sent to a trained agent. Soleo offers a comprehensive suite of automated call handling solutions that help you qualify leads, distribute calls, and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns as they reach your inbound sales agents.

Keeping Your Call Center Running Efficiently

Automating inbound customer interactions, when done correctly, improves the customer experience, creates business efficiencies, reduces cost, and drives new sales. But not all interactions can be automated – some require specialized agent handling to close a sale. Integrating performance campaigns directly with your contact center will result in reduced agent worktime, increased customer satisfaction, and a better ROI on your call-based leads.

Core Benefits

Pace calls based on agent availability
Improve lead conversion rates
Reduce hold times
Improve agent worktime
Eliminate robocalls
Route calls based on agent specialization

Automate Your Call Center's Inbound Call Traffic

Soleo offers a wide range of automation tools that are built upon our years of experience in call center installations. Our cloud-based offerings include integrations with existing call center platforms as well as turnkey end-to-end deployments.

Key Features

  • Web-based dialog management tools that make it easy to create customized greetings and follow up interactive voice response (IVR) prompts. We offer a library of interactive pre-configured templates as a way to get started.
  • Context gateways that gather upfront information from the caller and share it with the agent.
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) and speech recognition tools that enable your customers to get the information they need without speaking to an agent.
  • Workforce management tools that distribute calls based on volume, skill level, language preference, customer issue, or hours of operation.
  • Remote agent workstations that support automated agent scripting.
  • Call back service that allows callers to request a return call.
  • One-click SMS confirmation.
  • Robocall detection tools that significantly reduce the amount of spam.

Increase Your Efficiency with Inbound Call Management Solutions