Plugin Reporting Integrations

Easily integrate data from Soleo's comprehensive call reporting and analytics with your own marketing and reporting platforms.

Google Ads
Gather insights from the perspective of your customers by comparing your Soleo call metrics alongside your Google Ads performance. With seamless integration for keyword monitoring, controlling your campaign’s ROI has never been easier.
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Attribute inbound phone calls to quality leads with Soleo’s Salesforce integration. Motivate your sales team to convert more calls into sales while saving you time with better integrations. Focus on what matters most to your business: dynamic marketing campaigns that drive more revenue. Find your competitive edge with Soleo.
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Track your pay-per-call campaign performance data with Soleo's Tableau integrations. Lacking in-house dashboard reporting experts? Soleo's ready-made dashboards will gather and visualize your data with accuracy, all in real time*. Need a custom-built dashboard for a unique business? We embrace flexibility at Soleo so take advantage of our integration methods.
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Power BI
Turn inbound phone calls into quality leads with Soleo's Power BI integration. Empower your sales team to convert more calls into higher sales in less time. Give your marketing team a competitive edge by allowing them to focus on what matters most to your business: the marketing campaigns that work best at driving revenue.
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