Robocall Mitigation  

For carrier networks that need real-time detection of unwanted robocalls, Soleo's Robocall Mitigation technology efficiently identifies known machine generated calls and provides immediate and accurate feedback on recommended call handling practices. Unlike other robocall technologies, Soleo's solution is easy to integrate into VoIP call networks, scalable, cost effective, and offers comprehensive reporting features.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces known malicious robocalls from entering your network

  • Swift determination of machine-generated calls

  • Integrates with soft-switches, IVRs and business applications to automate detection of incoming audio

  • Prevents telephony denial of service (TDOS) attacks

  • Allows for immediate traceback

  • Rapid deployment and cost-effective scalability

Telecom carriers need to understand how robocalls impact their networks. To help, Soleo is offering a complimentary robocall traffic report to any registered telecom carrier that has joined the fight against illegal call campaigns.

Unique Access
Soleo is uniquely positioned to add value to service providers by providing real-time data and analytics of originating number call patterns, as well as current and historical number status.
Experience and Reliability
Soleo has a history of providing carrier-grade solutions providing the security, reliability and performance required for critical functions.
Simple Integration
Soleo’s solution is network/switch independent providing flexibility with a simple-to-use & integrate API.
Customizable Treatments
Specialized treatments for suspicious calls, including flagging, termination, and re-routing to a different number or voicemail.