IP Relay

Telecom providers need to provide services to the deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired community. Soleo’s IP Relay platform offers Message Relay services to people using IP devices such as PCs and smartphones. IP Relay enables users to easily communicate wherever they are without needing specialized equipment. IP Relay provides the agent application and a browser-based user interface for PCs and smartphones.

Easy to use
Soleo’s IP Relay provides an intuitive interface enabling users to easily learn and use the service. IP Relay does not require specialized equipment, like modems, to use the service. All that’s needed is a standard PC or smart phone. Users type what they want to say, the agent speaks it to the other party and types what the other party says.
Supports HCO/VCO
Soleo’s IP Relay platform supports Hearing Carry Over and Voice Carry Over conversations allowing users to choose their preferred communication method.
Customizable Agent Screens
IP Relay allows user and agent screens to be customized providing the ability to wholesale the service to other telecom providers. The platform supports multiple languages expanding the reach of the service.
Reliability and Scalability
Soleo’s IP Relay application is supported by a carrier-grade platform providing the quality and reliability required by a mission-critical service. The platform can easily scale to handle large call volumes.