Sell Calls 

Become a qualified publisher and gain access to over one million distinct advertisers with content that spans over 2,400 business categories. Soleo has partnered directly with national brands to create more value for our publishers. Leverage these exclusive opportunities and earn more money for the quality calls you generate.

What do we look for?


Soleo is committed to developing long-lasting relationships with its partners. Publishers with proven conversion rates and the ability to scale demand will enjoy priority access to Soleo’s Call Network of advertisers. Our sophisticated algorithms consider a variety of factors including caller intent, business category, time of day, location, payout and historic conversion rates in order to return highly relevant matches.


We look for publishers who can generate a consistent supply of high-quality calls. Our Call Network offers access to dozens of advertising categories with our core verticals including Pest Control, Auto Insurance, Lawn Care, Home Security, Real Estate, and Home Services.


We take pride in providing call transparency as a key attribute of the Soleo Call Network. We rely on our publishers to use call generation techniques that adhere to the highest industry standards including TCPA compliance. We establish real-time links with our publishers and count on them to send us only live callers that intend to buy.

Join our Publisher Network!

Optimize Call Conversions and Payouts
Our platform uses dynamic call routing and sophisticated matching algorithms to ensure we only return highly relevant results. Our algorithms consider everything from caller intent, business category, time of day, location, payout and historic conversion rates.
Publisher Support
Our team is here to support your pay-per-call needs. Work with our account managers to choose the campaigns that are right for your traffic or tap into our programmatic Pay-Per-Call Network using our Local Search API.
Real-time Reporting
Track performance and payout across all of your campaigns using our real time dashboards and reporting.
Get Paid
Our Local Search API offers real-time bidding so that you get the best price available for your traffic. Or you can choose to run a direct campaign for a given business category with a fixed payout.

Are you looking to track call performance on your campaigns outside of Soleo?
Learn more about CallThread, our call tracking platform.