Carrier Services

Providing Innovative Solutions for Carriers

Soleo is a leading provider of call-based solutions to the telecommunications industry, including call handling applications, directory information services, and call advertising applications. We excel at providing scalable and reliable solutions capable of meeting the stringent operating requirements of carrier networks.

Call Validation Treatment

Soleo has introduced a solution for identifying robocalls through Call Validation Treatment (CVT), a dynamic, network-based, collaborative function identified as an optional element in the SHAKEN framework by the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force. CVT is a real-time analytics platform that ingests data from millions of daily calls to distinguish malicious calls from legitimate ones. As a network-based service provider, our carrier partners can directly integrate our solution into their platforms.

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Hosted Call Transfer Services

Soleo’s intercept application provides carriers with specialized handling of calls that cannot be completed to the dialed number. Our call transfer services provide basic call intercept features (where mandated) in addition to enhanced revenue generating features that provide consumers with information to help them find a similar business, or another number for the original business, based on the dialed number.

Directory Assistance

Soleo offers carriers and information service providers a flexible platform for handling directory assistance calls. These are calls to 411 in the US, and other number codes internationally. System components work together to handle all aspects of the service, including call management, front-end automation, agent search, directory database, and back-end audio announcements. All components provide robust statistics and reporting for service monitoring.

The platform supports several types of directory assistance service, including:

  • Full automation, with no agent backup
  • Partial automation with fallback to an agent
  • No automation; the consumer interacts entirely with an agent

Widely configurable, the platform can be tailored to individual markets and service providers to offer consumers a customized experience.

IP Relay

Soleo IP Relay allows people with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate with other people over the carrier’s network through a web connected device (e.g. PC or mobile phone).  Specially trained agents act as intermediaries and relay messages between the parties.