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Natural Language Search Expertise

Soleo employs state-of-the-art technology to understand natural language search prompts, establishing itself as a leading voice search platform. Soleo offers a variety of ways for our search partners to leverage our natural language and local search technology.

Local Search API

Soleo offers a powerful Local Search API designed to support natural language search against a complete database of US business listings and a comprehensive collection of sponsored business listings. This innovative tool adds a superior search experience to your web site, mobile app, or virtual assistant. Sponsored listings allow developers to easily monetize consumer interaction into meaningful revenue.

The Local Search API allows developers to:

  • Build engaging local search applications
  • Support complex natural language queries to find relevant merchants
  • Generate significant revenue from monetization of sponsored listings

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White Labeling

Our White Label Solutions allow customers to seamlessly integrate the power of Soleo's Local Search with their existing branded websites and mobile services.

In addition to the powerful natural language local search capabilities available via our Local Search API, our White Label Solutions are coupled with thoughtfully designed web or mobile app user interfaces delivering additional user experience benefits. It is also possible to incorporate your own organic and sponsored business listing content into the search solution to drive additional value.

We also offer professional services to provide expertise in the design and deployment of more complex service requirements as required.

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Local Search Widget

The Local Search Widget provides an even simpler way to integrate the benefits of local search into your web site. The widget is designed to easily display relevant business listings to your website users. It’s highly configurable so you can tailor the appearance and behavior to your site. Use the Widget to simply provide a better experience to your site users, or enable sponsored listings in the search results and start generating revenue.

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