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Soleo offers a powerful Local Search API designed to support natural language search against a complete database of US business listings and a comprehensive collection of sponsored business listings. This innovative tool adds a superior search experience to your web site, mobile app, or virtual assistant. Sponsored listings allow developers to easily monetize consumer interaction into meaningful revenue.

The Soleo Local Search Portfolio

We offer simple to comprehensive integration options that provide powerful natural language search technology for your applications. The Local Search API (Application Programming Interface) and related SDKs (Software Development Kits) provide experienced developers of web sites, mobile apps, virtual assistants, chatbots, and other internet-oriented services with the ability to include powerful natural language local search in their applications. The Local Search API is perfect for those who want the most flexibility and need a robust API resource to help power their applications. To see a website built using the Local Search API, click below.

Business Category Search
Provide a business category along with either a location, zip code, or lat/long and Soleo provides all sponsored and/or organic listings that match the search input. The response will include the business name, address, and phone number (either the actual phone number or a PPC tracking number) associated with the listing.
Business Name Search
Input a specific business name along with a location and Soleo returns the details (phone number, address, category) associated with the request.
Freeform Business Search
Ask the Soleo database a question or type in a sentence that describes the information you are looking for and Soleo provides the business name(s) to match the query.
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Local Search Widget
If you are looking for a simple local search integration for your website, consider the Local Search Widget. This easy-to-integrate widget brings local relevance to your website, improved customer experiences, and better monetization options. The widget offers a number of configuration options to help maximize the impact for your specific needs. This service can be used by both developers and non-developers alike, who need an easy solution to add to their existing website.
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