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Why the Apptera Acquisition Makes Sense for Soleo

Over the past five years, Soleo has introduced a number of consumer-facing services that are now offered as part of our cloud-based Call Generation Platform™. In doing so, we make useful connections for people over 350 million times a month. We are constantly on the lookout for new sources of call inventory, ways to improve our current services, and resources that allow us to extend further into the rapidly expanding mobile advertising market. Our acquisition of Apptera helps us with all of these initiatives.

Apptera has built a strong portfolio of applications and core technologies in mobile media. For example, Apptera has built Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications that, like Soleo’s Call Generation Platform, help people locate services that are nearby. Need to find an ATM? They’ve got an app for that. Need the latest show time? They’ve got that too. Need a prescription refill? Apptera has perfected these and several more location-based services. These automated navigation menus can be useful for callers in a number of different service categories. The Apptera platform also allows us to dynamically customize local search based on the needs of the caller. We expect to see better precision in mapping callers to merchants and an overall improvement in service quality.

Soleo’s roadmap is designed to help our customers navigate through an era of inevitable transformation in the call advertising industry. By combining Apptera’s market-leading media software, automated call handling capability, and the industry's highest quality pay-per-call ad server technology, we are uniquely positioned to provide the industry with the most complete and interoperable end-to-end pay-per-call solutions.

We plan to unify Soleo's digital media partners, traffic, scheduling, and call inventory with Apptera's cloud-based account and campaign management system. For Apptera customers, this transaction will provide direct access to Soleo’s bench strength in IVR technology, distributed ad network, global services capabilities, and supply chain. For Soleo’s customers, the combined platform will allow us to move quicker while continuing to handle calls in a consistent, reliable, and secure manner.

Soleo is proud to be a thought leader and an innovative solutions provider in the markets we serve. We have built a world-class team, fostered a customer-first culture, and are laser focused on product quality. These initiatives will help us in our mission of making useful connections for people everywhere, every day.