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3 Reasons Pay Per Call Beats Pay Per Click Every Time

A phone call is a powerful thing, and if your business relies on leads, a phone call is one of the most valuable ways a lead can make contact. After all, a phone call is personal, one-to-one, and accessible equally to every demographic. There is a reason that pay per call leads convert at a rate of 10-15% while other forms of digital advertising convert at 2-3%. In fact, here are three reasons why the call is mightier than the click:

You control the encounter

When phone leads are connected to your sales staff, you have the lead’s complete attention and you control the narrative with your scripting in a true one-to-one engagement. If you are in a high-touch profession with a consultation-heavy sales process, like law or technology, controlling this delicate encounter with the customer can and very often does mean the difference between a sale and a bounce.

If a customer comes to your site through a digital advertising campaign and has little or no knowledge about your industry, and you have no opportunity to guide them, the likelihood that they will “bounce” from your site and be lost to you as a lead is much higher than if you can engage them person-to-person by way of call advertising.

No click fraud

If you are using pay-per-click advertising, chances are that a good portion of your budget is going towards click fraud. What is click fraud? Well, in short click fraud is useless clicks being done by machines or paid professionals to drive up revenue for pay-per-click advertisers, or even by your own competitors to try to run up your advertising costs. These fraudulent clicks are hard to track, but may account for 29% or more of all clicks. There are few incentives for pay-per-click publishers like Google to combat click fraud, and very few countermeasures to stop the click farms that perpetuate it. Call advertising has fewer problems with fraud, and nearly every call generated will be a hot lead with potential customer on the other end.

The Human Element

People are just much more comfortable dealing with other people. On the customer end: a lead motivated enough to make a phone call is much more likely to make a purchase than one that is just sniffing around a website. On the sales side: If your sales journey ends with a call instead of a click, you’ll see sales figures of 1.5x-2x more per conversion. Actual conversation just does more.

That being said, not all phone leads are created equal. At Soleo, we pride ourselves on finding the best leads for our customers businesses and budgets. Contact us today to learn more about pay per call advertising, preferably by phone. We do want your business, after all.