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LeadsCon: New Technology Improves Pay Per Call Lead Generation

With all eyes on the digital channel, pay-per-call leads can sometimes be overlooked. Yet call-based advertising has seen strong growth, actually benefiting from the growth in mobile advertising as well as smarter strategies and more data-driven targeting from savvy marketers who know how to improve the quality of call-based leads.

This is one of the many topics covered at this year’s LeadsCon in New York. Soleo Communications will spearhead a discussion of how phone calls continue to remain the gold standard for high-quality leads. Johnna McCooey, VP of Digital Media Services for Soleo Communications, will discuss how companies can sift through junk calls to find the highest quality leads from existing and future call volume.

The session takes a cross-platform approach to call-based leads, looking at how search campaigns can improve call volume and call quality and how these can be informed with existing data and strategies such as like dynamic category and location matching. Call centers are getting very good at leveraging analytics to improve the quality and performance of pay-per-call leads, and Soleo is looking closely at how these techniques are paying off for merchants.

While pay-per-call sounds old fashioned, it isn’t. Cloud-based analytics have helped many merchants see radical improvements in sales based on calls by improving lead quality. Pay-per-call advertising and localized search have also increased call volume while minimizing junk calls.

These digital, performance-based marketing strategies have helped many advertisers increase their top line, but many SMBs are still on the sidelines due to a lack of proper investment and a broad misunderstanding of exactly how mobile, search and calls are interrelated in the age of the smartphone. This is an inefficiency in the marketplace, and Soleo is providing an opportunity for savvier SMBs to capitalize on this by using both paid and organic media strategies to improve their call volume and call quality.

The session will take place Friday morning Aug. 15 from 9:40-10:10 as part of the LeadsCon conference in New York City.