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Soleo’s Qualified Call Network: Purpose Built for Relevancy

Pay-per-call generates leads that other online marketing strategies simply can’t match in terms of quality and relevancy. There are still many small to mid-sized businesses that don’t know of or understand how to buy calls online. And of those that do, many are concerned that the calls they receive are not a fit for their business.  That’s where we can help.

Soleo’s Qualified Call Network has been built on the premise that a successful call is one where the consumer’s intent is matched with a set of relevant merchant choices.  Our call flows are designed to understand consumer intent as much as possible.  Some of our call sources present relevant information to us about the caller.  For example, if a consumer is calling a florist that is no longer in business, we know that person is most likely looking to buy flowers.  If someone is using a mobile application or search engine, they may have simply typed in their intent.  But in those cases where we have a caller on the line and don’t have good information on what they want, we’ll simply ask them for guidance.

Our matching algorithms vary across all of our call sources, but the purpose is the same: make a useful connection between an inquiring caller and a relevant merchant. This relevancy can be measured in several different ways so we consider a number of particulars about a business before we offer it up as an appropriate option. The most obvious considerations include the merchant’s store location and what products and services they provide, but other variables (such as store hours and service area) are factored in as well.

In order to build algorithms that work for both our callers and advertisers, we spend quite a bit of time doing research on local businesses throughout North America.  This information isn’t always readily available, particularly for hyper-local businesses, but our data scientists are working hard to figure this out. Our goal is to have all local businesses, large and small, be candidates for presentation to our callers.  This helps the consumer to hear those relevant choices and for the corresponding merchant to receive true call-based leads.