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3 Things Mid-Sized Carriers Need to Know About Soleo Solutions

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), you must keep abreast of the emerging advancements in technology that your competitors are adopting to increase your profit and satisfy customers. Because, when you’re neck-and-neck with rival service providers, it’s imperative that you seek out innovative solutions that enable you to outpace the rest.

But when nearly every carrier provides the same types of telecom features—such as directory assistance services, to name one—it can be difficult to find a new, cutting-edge solution that will differentiate your company from your competitors.

Many MVNOs, however, don’t realize that the secret to unlocking untapped potential can be derived from a service they already execute daily—handling calls made to non-working phone numbers. Indeed, mid-market carriers stand to open a fresh revenue stream and a dynamic service for their customers when they implement Soleo’s call transfer services (CTS) provide a new approach to dealing with disconnected phone numbers in your network.

Simply put, Soleo’s CTS enables carriers to monetize calls made to non-working phone numbers within their networks. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how this platform operates and the three competitive advantages mid-size carriers will gain from implementing this service:

1. New Revenue Source: Every carrier already handles calls made to disconnected phone numbers in their networks. For instance, your service might announce, “This number has been disconnected, please hang up and try again.” With Soleo’s call transfer service, carriers can create revenue at this moment during the call by prompting callers to stay on the line to hear alternate options similar to the business they were originally trying to reach. The businesses that are announced pay for the service on a per-call basis and carriers collect a portion of that fee. You can gain a new revenue stream by installing our call transfer solution on your network.

2. More Network Volume: Because CTS enables end-users to continue a call, rather than being prompted to terminate the call, and then redirects them to an alternative business’s phone number, carriers gain more volume into their networks. In other words, your current method of handling non-working phone numbers causes calls within your network to end unnecessarily. By leveraging the service, you increase traffic back into your network, one surefire way to start inching ahead of your competitors.

3. Valuable Service for Customers: Another great way to make headway within your market is to provide a valuable service to merchants on your network. The way you currently handle calls made to disconnected numbers doesn’t add much value to businesses that could benefit from receiving an influx of redirected calls each month. With CTS, callers are made aware that the business they’ve tried contacting is not reachable and are subsequently offered four similar businesses within the same geographical location. As such, you can add more value to your business customers, directing potential leads their way while providing a service at no additional effort on your part—all while gaining a profit and increasing your network traffic. What’s more, your customers are provided with an accommodating service at no additional charge.

If you want to get a step ahead of your competitors it’s going to take a service offering that not many are aware of just yet. You can set the new precedent for mid-market carriers by simply implementing a more strategic approach to handling non-working phone numbers.

So what are you waiting for? Let call transfer services enable your business to surpass the others, all you have to do is ask.