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What Does It Mean to be Natural?

Traditional search is evolving thanks to a swift and substantial growth in voice search over the past 18 months. In 2015, the use of voice search went from a statistical zero to 10% of all search volume. This year, Google has said that 20% of their mobile searches are generated from voice. This is evidenced by a rise in voice search recognition technologies, such as tools like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Studies have shown that voice search is most often used when a user’s hands are full and they are unable to type, or when a user needs faster results. ComScore even predicts that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice. As this shift towards more conversational voice search continues, local businesses will need to develop strategies in order to be found in the voice search economy.

Soleo is in the business of making useful connections between consumers and businesses by providing exceptional consumer search experiences and returning relevant, consistent search results the first time. For years, users have been trained to search by specific keywords, ie. “landscaper Rochester NY”, in order to find what they need. With Soleo’s Local Search API, integrated with our Natural Language Processing technology, users are able to search using common freeform queries to get even better results. For example, a search like “I need my lawn mowed and hedges trimmed” will return a variety of local businesses in the area, including landscapers, mowing services, and local hardware stores.

Soleo’s API is built specifically for local search discovery. When a search is made by a consumer via a mobile app, website, or ambient voice device, our API is leveraged as a white-labeled service to detect natural language requests.  These requests can also be made conversationally or with any keyword, category, or associated name of the business. Soleo’s curated database of 20 million+ local business listings is constantly updated to keep up with new businesses entering the market, changes in products and services offered by current businesses, and those businesses that exit a community.

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