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Valentine's Day - The Procrastinator's Holiday

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it seems that Cupid’s influence has consumers feeling especially generous this year. According to USNews, consumers will spend nearly $19 billion on valentine-related gifts. In fact, Men are predicted to splurge on jewelry and flowers – spending on average twice as much money as women do on Valentine’s gifts.

However, it seems that consumers don’t plan much for Valentine’s Day, with many waiting until the last minute to purchase gifts.  In 2015, Soleo’s call handling platform received a 15% increase in search requests during the week of Valentine’s Day for florists and bakeries, and a 23% increase for jewelers when compared to an average week. Additionally, many consumers decide to shop at local businesses for the holiday, and it’s a great opportunity for businesses to leverage the increased in interest in finding a local provider.

Pay per call programs geared to these types of purchases should always be a critical component of your marketing mix. If already engaged in a program, it may be a good time to analyze how your bid strategy is working and consider increasing your pay per call bids to receive more calls while there is an increase in traffic. You may also want to consider running promotions to better compete against local businesses in your vertical and earn the trust of more customers.

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