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Home Improvement Retailers: Target Millennials Using Pay Per Call

Industry analysts indicate that the real estate market is seeing increased market velocity early this year amidst strong demand and slow inventory growth. With solid year over year growth in listings, millennials are swarming the marketplace looking for the perfect place to live. Home improvement retailers should be looking to take advantage of these trends, as demand for things like flooring, faucets, lighting, plumbing and other construction products highly correlate with the demand for housing.

The majority of millennials aren’t looking for turnkey homes either. This generation is willing to put in the effort needed to make a house a home, which is why retailers in the home improvement industry should focus much of their marketing efforts on them.

Performance-based marketing programs, like pay per call, are gaining in popularity as a way to target the millennial consumer—here’s why:


For brands that want to successfully target millennials, they simply need to speak their language, and pay per call makes this easy. Pay per call advertisers have the unique opportunity to craft the perfect pitch to a potential customer on a live phone call, as pay per call ad text is customizable. Advertisers should do their due diligence on the millennial consumer before crafting their ads, because people ages 18 to 34 will pay closer attention to words that could have come from the mouths of their peers, as this type of messaging warrants comfort or trust.

Millennials who are searching for items at a home improvement store are more likely to be interested in words like DIY, personalization, and sale. When building a pay per call campaign, advertisers must remember who their audience is and where their interests lie.

Relevant & Personal

Millennials want to feel like advertisements were created with their interests in mind, which is why being specific with the categories you’re targeting is such an important aspect of pay per call marketing.

Buying a house or performing home improvements can be stressful for anyone, especially first-timers. Whether brands are offering discounts on appliances or paint, brands should let millennials know they’re available to alleviate some stress. Speak to millennials by providing them with the answers they have been looking for at a time they need it most. The majority of young people would rather have an unforgettable experience than the best material good their money can buy—if home improvement advertisers can portray themselves as an experience brand, they’ve won.

In building pay per call campaigns, advertisers must consider these elements if millennials are their target audience. For more information on how to get in front of Soleo’s 2.8 million home improvement searches per month, contact us at

Also, see our Pay Per Call and Home Improvement infographic to learn about why this form of marketing works in this industry.