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4 Things Marketers Need to Know About Soleo’s Pay Per Call Solution

Marketers in 2016 have a myriad of marketing technologies, advertising channels, and lead tactics to choose from. Finding the right mix remains a challenge, but most experts agree that the results of these programs must drive high-quantity, high-quality leads. In fact, according to a recent report by Salesforce, revenue growth was the number one metric for marketers.

When building a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business, the need to quantify its Return on Investment (ROI) is increasing in importance, and finding services that not only generate high quality leads, but also illustrates its effectiveness, is difficult.

Soleo’s pay per call solution enables advertisers to generate leads at the consumer’s highest moment of need. Here are four things that CMOs should know about pay per call:

High Quality Lead Generation

Marketers know they should be spending more on digital marketing, and they are starting to show that in their marketing spend. 28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing programs like website content, development, and performance optimization.

Soleo’s pay per call solution can help these businesses expand their digital marketing efforts by providing them with real-time phone leads. We handle the largest volume of pay per call leads in the industry, processing more than 300 million calls and searches a month from a variety of different sources, which are directed to thousands of national and local advertisers every year.

Detailed Analytics

Many marketers are under more pressure than ever to effectively illustrate their program’s effectiveness. However, not all advertising tools have straightforward analytics. This is why choosing a partner that understands the need for detailed analytics is essential for digital marketing success.

Soleo provides customers with straightforward results from their pay per call campaigns—how many calls they’re receiving across each of the verticals they bid on, call duration, and which verticals/bid types are performing best.. This data can help businesses make educated decisions about their marketing budget and measure their ROI.

Increased Profits

A large amount of marketing spend is allocated to activities that are not the most efficient for their resources. In 2015, search engine marketing (SEM) represented the largest share of online spend (47%, or about 14% of a firm’s total marketing budget). These efforts are putting money toward chance encounters, not guaranteed leads.

Through Soleo’s pay per call platform, businesses only pay for the calls they receive, often only after specific requirements are met. This increases a business’s profits while ensuring they are spending their budget as intelligently and efficiently as possible.

Valued Partnership

Marketers want a transparent and knowledgeable partner who can execute a marketing plan. Soleo understands that CMOs are looking for partners, not vendors.

We are experts in pay per call marketing and want our partners to succeed in their markets. Our performance marketing platform provides businesses with the ability to connect with customers in need through unique digital advertising on disconnected calls.

So what are you waiting for? Let pay per call power your business to the next level. Contact us,