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The Pursuit of Local Search

For developers, having a refined search optimization strategy will define both near-term strategy and revenue growth.

As consumer buying habits evolve, a search strategy can only be as good as the data powering it. Huge strides have been made in targeting technologies, from hardware to software, creating opportunities for providers to develop local search experiences that adapt and anticipate each consumer moment. These are the foundations on which to deliver better experiences for users — as long as a powerful data engine sits behind it.

Providing a true set of search results is beneficial to both the consumer and advertisers. Consider that 80 percent of consumers want search ads to be customized by city, zip code or their immediate surroundings. Additionally, according to BIA/Kelsey, 73 percent of location-fueled mobile searches trigger additional actions for a business, and 28 percent result in conversions (whether a store visit, call or purchase).

It is essential that search data be accurate to location and category. Currently, search results are often hurt by bad location data, returning incorrect local business info in search, maps and applications. It is also becoming increasingly commercialized, causing the accuracy and use of organic listings to suffer.

Soleo’s Local Search API service toolkit offers relevant and up-to-date data, with a flexible structure that can be incorporated into a wide range of websites and apps. It supports keyword, category, and/or business name inputs in over 2,400 categories linked with the company’s distilled, 15 million U.S. business listings which are updated daily.

This toolkit will help ensure relevance in the ads a user views, and generates significant revenue opportunities in several ways including:

• Improved Ad Results – enhancing the user experience with accurate data and localized search results.
• Higher Site Engagement – increasing local and personal experience engagement, action, and time-in-app metrics.
• Improved Monetization – improving the ROI of relevant ads, attracting new advertisers and leading to deeper commitments from existing advertisers.

A white-label service with no upfront fees, the Soleo Local Search API toolkit can help accelerate growth for your business. To learn more, please visit