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A Beginners Guide to Pay Per Call: Business the Inbound Way

What is Pay Per Call?

Pay per call (PPC), also referred to as click-to-call, is an inbound marketing tactic used to pay for inbound sales ready calls. 

Picture this:  An inside sales team waiting for the phone to ring, not wanting to make outbound cold calls, and waiting for marketing to make the phone ring.  




Marketing team stressed out as they need to increase the volume and the quality of inbound calls!   The marketing team’s SEM/SEO campaigns are not delivering the ROI needed to obtain sales targets.







Now What?

Pay Per Call Advertising

With pay per call advertising, a high volume of pre-qualified calls is a result  of no sales effort and a much higher return on your marketing dollars. Generated on behalf of the advertiser or brands, Soleo Communications provides pre-qualified, ready-to-buy customer calls directly to the advertisers’ or the brands’ sales team/call center. Campaigns are designed individually and drive ready-to-buy customers directly to a business by call-to-action connections. Pay per call creates an instant and direct connection between a business and consumer.

Each campaign is set with a budget that determines how much a call will cost and contains individual tracking numbers, which are tracked with measurable analytical data. Subsequently, when the ad is run with that phone number, a customer sees that advertisement and calls. The customer’s call is then tracked in the campaign system and passed on to the advertiser or brand when it is a pre-qualified, ready-to-buy customer.

Why Pay Per Call?

Pay per call exploits the urgency of customers looking to solve a problem or buy a service, which results in more calls and higher conversion rates.  Bottom line – more qualified calls results in more sales! 

Picture This:  An inside sales team on the phone selling. 







 A smiling marketing team reviewing results of  the campaign and making optimization changes based on campaign performance reporting and analytics. 


 Job Well Done.  

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