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Quick! Recharge your SEO plan to see better results

Do you find managing your SEO overwhelming? Is it difficult to figure out which aspect of SEO you should put the most effort? Here are four tips & tricks to refresh your SEO campaign and goals for 2018.


1. Where can customers find you?

Using tools such as Google Maps makes it easy to verify your business’s information and see where your company can be found online.  Be sure to check out your profiles on other directory sites:  such as TrustedListings. The more accurate your online information is, the more potential customers will be willing to trust your organization. Displaying your correct contact info makes it easy for consumers to contact you, raising the level of trust in your organization.


2. Online Perception: Pictures and a Thousand Words

Consumers love to see and read about your business before they make the trip or phone call to your organization. Uploading relevant, high quality pictures, that accurately reflect your business, allows for consumers to more directly experience your brand and what you offer.


3. Having a GREAT Website

Mobile-friendliness, responsive-design, easy navigation, and working links to all content are simple ways to ensure that your website is a tool and asset. Be sure to think about the user experience when you’re in development. Ensure the information is easy to understand, navigate, and correctly reflects your brand.


4. Refreshing Content… Always

You probably have a great deal of content that can be distributed. Flyers, blog posts, graphic design work, videos, infographics, etc. There are lots of great ways to share content: social media, email, blogging, or uploading it to your website. Maintaining a blog and/or utilizing social media to push content allows for backlinking – being referred to by other websites, which elevates your sites visibility in searches. Having a healthy amount of developed content available allows you to consistently push it out and stay relevant and visible in your industry/geography.

In a time where our fingers walk over screens instead of the Yellow Pages, it is important to understand and master your business’s online presence.

With 48% of consumers beginning their journey on a search engine, optimizing your SEO is more important than ever before. It is in your best interest to ensure your information – contact info, location, hours of operation, etc. –  is accurate. Follow the above tips to skyrocket your business to the top!