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Why Businesses are Choosing Pay-Per-Call over Pay-Per-Click in 2018

Imagine this… your company’s phone has not been ringing too often. It’s becoming frustrating; thinking “how can I get people to pick-up and call?”

With Soleo, we can get you ready-to-buy consumers on your line right now.

The continuously growing use of smartphones is driving mobile web use and direct calls to businesses. With over 4 billion total calls handled across our platform a year, Soleo’s quality is unmatched, with calls being sourced from online, offline, and organic voice-search traffic.

Getting the best ROI from your marketing budget is a consistent priority among marketing professionals and business owners alike. There are seemingly endless options for business promotions – from traditional mediums like billboards and pricy primetime commercials, to the digital advertising like online ads and competitive and paid search. With the exponential growth of cell-phone use, consumers do not want to click a link, they want to click to “call.”

When a call comes through to your business, a personal interaction takes place. A customer touchpoint. This touchpoint leads to direct sales conversions in this pay-per-call model. Compared to pay-per-click, pay-per-call allows businesses to:


  • Physically speak with a customer
    • Addressing their questions, comments, concerns directly allows for there to be more trust and directness between you and the caller.
  • Connect with ready-to-buy consumers
    • When a customer hits “call” on their phone because of an ad they saw or a need they’re addressing, they’re communicating with your business in a ready-to-buy mindset.
  • No abandoned carts
    • Compared to pay-per-click, pay-per-call has no shopping cart to abandon. With Soleo’s unique pay-per-call algorithm, we route customers in your area, right to you. No more bidding on ad-words, hoping to get a click from a local consumer only to have an abandon cart and no sale.


Don’t wait, pick up the phone and call Soleo today!