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It’s Time to Improve Performance Marketing

In the world of advertising technology, innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower.

We’re not satisfied simply being North America’s single largest supplier of call-based leads. We want to be the leader in delivering the best call-based leads. To realize that vision, we are continuously driving improvement in the quality of local search calls that run through our network.  Quality to us means a streamlined, easy experience for the consumer and a more qualified lead for businesses.

Pay-per-call is the fastest growing segment of the performance marketing industry delivering conversions at revenue multiples of 10x–15x more than web leads, according to a BIA/Kelsey report. Calls that use our network originate from a variety of sources but in all cases the consumer started with a call or a search to a local business. It’s a burgeoning industry, although relatively young when compared with the Internet’s pay-per-click business models.

And like the pay-per-click industry, this market can be susceptible to fraud. The last type of call a merchant wants is one driven by robocalls or a phone scam.  Our call to action is to block these unwanted calls and to drive higher levels of conversion for those consumers looking to connect with a specific kind of business.

We’re facing the same challenges as other companies in our field. And we’re facing those challenges with new levels of innovation. We won’t sit idle. We are focused on what isn’t working for both consumers and merchants, and we are diving deep to fix those things through better automation.

This is the first in a series of blogs and social posts where we’ll be sharing our views of the future of our industry -  how the underlying technology is allowing us to make a more useful connection between buyers and sellers. I invite you to join us as we take a glimpse into the future of Soleo and our industry.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be discussing developments in intent understanding, conversational response technology, improved filtering, and the use of analytics to inform our decisions.  

In the end, we know full well that we’ll be judged by our customers on performance, not our effort. After all, pay-per-call is one of the truest forms of performance marketing. That’s why our entire team has been working behind the scenes, rolling up our sleeves, and taking on the challenges of our industry.

There’s been a wakeup call for our industry, and we’re making it our charge to answer that call.