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All the Right Calls For All the Right Reasons

We’re intent on continuously improving the performance marketing industry, particularly as it relates to pay-per-call.

One way we’re doing that is by improving call intent. Call intent is exactly what it sounds like – it’s where we try to figure out what the caller is trying to accomplish.  

Calls on our networks:

  • Start with someone looking for a business, a type of business, or a particular product or service.
  • Use our matching algorithms to find local businesses based on the intent of the consumer search.
  • Get connected directly to the business.

It’s a win-win scenario. The consumer gets a business with the goods or services they want, and the merchant gets a ready-to-buy customer on the line.

At Soleo, we’ve recently introduced natural language understanding on the majority of our call sources.

A natural language search can dig a little deeper to get the caller the exact business they’re looking for. For instance, a restaurant call could go like this:

Soleo: “What can I help you find?”

Caller: “What restaurants are nearby?”

Soleo: “What type of restaurant are you looking for?”

Caller: “I’m in the mood for Indian.”

Soleo: “Ok, here are some Indian restaurants in your area…”

It’s a simple conversation, but it gets the caller exactly where they want to go. By requiring a voice, it greatly reduces robocalls, fax machines, and any other unwanted traffic.

Introducing natural language understanding on the majority of our call sources makes the search or call an intuitive experience. Voice assistants, bots, and other forms of conversational search is the future of consumer engagement. In 2016, voice search accounted for around 15% of all search volume. By 2020, a full 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice, according to a study by BIA/Kelsey.

Rather than pushing buttons for prompts, the consumer is asked what they’re looking for. The technology allows someone to use everyday language like “I need a birthday cake.” The engine then finds nearby bakeries and by voice, the caller can select one and get connected by phone. It’s much more streamlined and simpler for the caller.        

Our focus remains on driving quality. We want to get the right, highly-motivated, ready-to-buy customers connected with the right businesses, every time. That’s what commerce is all about.