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Identifying and Blocking Robocalls

Soleo is presenting at the SIPNOC 2019 Summit this week (December 5) its latest technology for identifying and blocking robocalls.

Acoustic profiling is a method to identify an individual machine-generated audio stream based on its unique acoustic profile. The technology is designed to identify audio streams from machines, not humans. Much like a fingerprint, a machine-generated audio stream can be instantly and positively matched to previous versions of the same audio stream.

Over 98% of machine-generated robocalls can be identified in less than a second using acoustic profiling. The technology is language independent and can be conducted to support STIR/SHAKEN or used as an independent resource.

In addition, Soleo has introduced Call Validation Treatment (CVT), a dynamic, network-based, collaborative function identified as an optional element in the SHAKEN framework by the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force.  The Soleo CVT solution is essentially a real-time analytics platform that is informed by millions of daily calls. CVT evaluates the traffic patterns of anomalies in the Soleo network to identify suspicious activity as soon as it occurs. This includes minute-by-minute call traffic which helps to flag illegitimate robocalls much quicker.

 “Robocalls continue to plague our industry” said Dan Gallagher, CEO of Soleo. “Call solution providers such as Soleo who work to integrate the STIR/SHAKEN framework into their portfolio join others in the industry who are implementing solutions to address the problem of consumers receiving these unwanted calls.”