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Reliable Call Volume - A Must-Have for Pay Per Call Networks

One of the most annoying aspects of a campaign management platform is the lack of consistency and the need to change your campaign parameters consistently. Said differently, you want to use a platform that can deliver a consistent cadence of quality leads. This isn’t easy and the quality platforms tend to rely on historical data analysis to anticipate future call volumes. This means that you must ensure that the platform you select is using machine learning to figure out lead volumes. 

The best platforms can figure out the flow of leads by day of week and time of day. This is crucial for you as business owner. Here’s why. Let’s say you haven’t found the best person to answer calls for your business. And let’s say that you’re out of the office every Monday morning from 9 - 12 noon. You certainly wouldn’t want to bid on calls for times when you know you’re short of quality office support and you are out of the office. Alternatively, let’s say you’re the type of business owner that comes in a little later and works until 8 pm. Then you’d certainly want to try and buy calls that generally flow from noon until early evening. By mapping your business practices to the hours when it would be best to receive calls, you stand a much better chance of converting calls, thereby lowering your actual cost per call and raising your revenues. After all, that is the objective of being in business. 

It’s also important to remember that not all call platforms can generate predictable inventory from the locations you are seeking and in the categories you’ve selected (see blog post 1 link here). 

So, your key takeaways. 

Mapping your business practices first - e.g. when are most likely times you’ll be in the office or available to take calls - and figuring out the cadence of calls that would work best in the context of your business practices, offers you the best ability to leverage a call campaign. So be sure the platform you choose is using machine learning to do the hard work for you, so you can do the really important work, delivering a great customer experience.