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Call Source Transparency - Why It’s Important to Know How Your Calls are Generated

Calls-based leads convert at a significantly higher rate than other lead generation techniques, but why you ask? It’s because in today’s world most people don’t use their phones to call a business for simple purchases. You can find, order and book virtually anything you need or want online. So, when a consumer actually picks up the phone in search of a product or service, it generally involves an urgent issue or a complicated or expensive purchase. So, it is not a surprise that many businesses want to purchase these high-intent calls, but they should be cautious regarding exactly what calls they buy because not all calls are created equal!

Calls can be generated from a variety of sources including paid search, SEO, social media, print ads, TV, warm and cold transfers and everything in between. The real question is how to weed out the call sources you don’t want! Unfortunately, pay-per-call networks are no different than any other major marketplace or exchange in that they are susceptible to potential bad actors. We have all seen the news stories covering the latest scams targeting senior citizens, calling to trick them into purchasing overpriced medical devices, they don’t need, to exploit their Medicare benefits, or the bait and switch call centers where you dial a number to get pre-approved for a mortgage only to find out they are trying to force you to purchase a years’ worth of credit repair services! These scammers often offer these calls to pay-per-call networks, some of which don’t really care whether there is a legitimate purpose for the calls. So, it is incredibly important to be mindful in selecting a network that screens its call sources to provide only legitimate calls.

When selecting a call network consider just how transparent it is about the source of its call traffic. A quality network will at a minimum have a process for vetting their call sources, a system allowing you to input your campaign restrictions (i.e. branded key word bidding, TCPA compliant, no transfers etc.), and will have clearly defined processes to ensure only the sources you approve may direct calls to your campaigns. The best networks will be upfront with you that certain sources of call traffic are better at delivering quality calls for category A versus B.

Just remember, to select a call network and platform that will allow you to choose what types of call traffic you want and even the exact publishers you will and will not accept calls from.