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Programmatic Connections to Advertisers

We are a programmatic network offering auction based bidding in accordance with OpenRTB protocol and industry standards.  We provide access to a diverse range of advertisers across North America.  

Search Engines & Online Publishers

We support consumer search requests from a variety of digital platforms using our specialized tools for websites, mobile apps, voice assistants, chatbots and other specialized search services. These innovative search solutions add a superior user experience to your website, allowing you to easily translate consumer intent into revenue for your business.

Better Monetization
As the largest independent call network, we drive higher revenue for inventory that converts. The Soleo Call Network is all about performance advertising, good traffic that brings in consistent spending.
Neural Network Technology
Soleo introduced natural language understanding and deep intent matching to its programmatic call network in order deliver higher conversions. Every transaction is analyzed to make sure a match is made between the consumer and the appropriate merchant.
Performance Reporting
Measure the effectiveness of your consumer inventory with our powerful call tracking platform that gives your team up-to-date monetization reports for each of your digital platforms.
Easy Access
Soleo offers a variety of programmatic options for our publishers depending on the level of complexity of the consumer traffic. We make integration easy with step-by-step instructions and a pretest environment for every Publisher API in our toolkit.