Identify Unwanted Calls
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Identify Unwanted Calls

Soleo has introduced a solution for identifying robocalls through Call Validation Treatment (CVT), a dynamic, network-based, collaborative function identified as an optional element in the SHAKEN framework by the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force.  Our CVT solution is a real-time analytics platform that ingests data from millions of daily calls.

There are three key benefits to our approach:

  1. Our solution evaluates anomalies in the minute-by-minute traffic patterns of the billions of calls within our network so that we can identify suspicious activity as soon as it occurs.
  2. We can also detect, answer, and automatically analyze many of the calls we believe are suspect. This helps us to distinguish malicious calls from those legitimate calls that are still made through autodialing. We share our findings by raising the level of suspicion of any suspect telephone number as soon as our machine learning draws new conclusions.
  3. We’ve built our CVT platform to be dynamically collaborative: we constantly send and receive data from other industry providers so that we can validate our findings and raise or lower the level of suspicion with more certainty. 

We have built access to our CVT platform through an API that is designed to work within and beyond the SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework.  As a network-based solutions provider, we work directly with carriers to integrate our solution. We also offer API access to call centers and enterprises that look to identify varying levels of suspicious call activity. Soleo is actively working with ATIS to help build standards as it relates to the CVT framework.