Manage Calls
Helping businesses improve their caller experience

Calls are Increasingly Important to Businesses

Calls from consumers to businesses continue to grow as mobile users increasingly rely on voice search for business information and assistance. Industry projections estimate the number of calls will double between 2016 and 2020 (BIA/Kelsey, Call Commerce: A $1 Trillion Economic Engine). Soleo offers key technology and services to facilitate these conversations.  Whether you’re receiving calls generated by Soleo or through your own independent voice services, Soleo can help manage your calls by improving the customer experience.

Determining Caller Intent

For calls generated by Soleo, our platform can clarify the caller’s intent before delivering the call to your business. For example, we can prompt a caller asking if they’re an existing customer of your business or if they are interested in signing up for new service. Based on their response, we can connect them to the correct department to streamline the caller’s experience.

Call Management Applications

Soleo offers comprehensive call-based voice applications for specific industries. These fully automated services offer consumers access to useful information through conversational dialog. A typical voice service greets the caller, engages in dialog,  learns the consumer’s needs, searches through content, and concludes by providing the requested information or completing a transaction.

Currently Soleo offers applications for the following industries:

  • Movie Theaters – search for theater locations and movie showtimes
  • Banks – search for ATM and branch locations
  • Pharmacies – check on prescription status and order refills

All of Soleo’s voice services are cloud-based, and continuously monitored for quality and reliability.