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The Soleo Difference

Soleo manages the largest qualified call network in North America, including a high volume of calls to non-working business numbers. These high-intent calls qualify as potential leads for similar businesses in the area. Soleo also generates consumer traffic from a variety of call sources.  


The Soleo Qualified Call Network is uniquely sourced with the largest inventory of calls.  We use a Call Source API to employ programmatic, on-demand purchasing of calls from a variety of online, offline, and voice search sources, including:

  • Mobile
  • Chat
  • Web Search
  • Offline Advertising
  • Voice Assistants

With a stable and predictable inventory of calls covering over 2,400 distinct business categories, across the entire U.S., and the ability to acquire traffic in real-time, the Soleo Qualified Call Network can guarantee both an overall amount of leads at a specific pace.

Campaign Management

The programmatic, on-demand approach that the Soleo Qualified Call Network employs for acquiring traffic also extends to campaign management. We promote our Campaign API for real-time campaign management that notifies our call buyers of an available live qualified call, with caller information, lead qualification criteria, and price), and provides the buyer the opportunity to accept or decline the call.

We offer an online portal with an automated import of campaign information, including the following:

  • Business Name
  • Vertical and Category targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Day and Time targeting
  • Maximum Daily Calls
  • Maximum Daily Spend


Every call that is delivered from the Qualified Call Network is tracked, analyzed, and scored. This information is available in real-time via our Reporting API, which provides notification of a call sent, with caller information and lead qualification criteria, and notification of the call end, with call duration, recording and quality score.

We offer an online portal with automated report distribution of daily summary and call detail reports.


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