Get Phone Leads
The Soleo Voice Platform generates millions of conversation each month across 2,400 business categories

The Soleo Difference

Soleo manages the largest programmatic pay-per-call network in North America.  This network generates qualified consumer traffic from a variety of active sources including calls that are placed immediately after a merchant is found or recommended by:

  • voice assistants
  • mobile search applications
  • search engines
  • directory assistance
  • referrals made on nonworking business numbers
  • traditional offline advertising

Merchants can choose to receive these qualified consumer calls in over 2,400 distinct business categories in most cities and towns across the U.S. and Canada. We use a variety of filtering techniques to make sure these callers intend to reach your business. We also identify and block unwanted robocallers. The net result is quality leads that fit your budget.

Buy Calls Programmatically

Our programmatic API supports high-volume purchasing. Dynamically match calls to your advertisers based on category, geography, and bid price. Contact us to learn more.

Why buy clicks when you can buy calls?

Learn how Soleo connects businesses and consumers in a unique way.