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The tech behind Soleo's Solutions

Soleo’s search solutions are cloud-based and enable our partners and customers to deliver a more relevant consumer search experience through natural language understanding and other advanced technologies.  

The Soleo Discovery Engine fuels all Soleo’s search solutions and leverages Soleo’s natural language understanding and knowledge graphs, a response generation capability, to engage a user in a conversation about the services they are seeking.  As the application begins to understand the user’s intent, increasingly precise alternatives are offered to the user in conversational form.  The platform then applies machine learning and knowledge graphs to make more targeted offers to future users with similar intent. Additionally, it uses the resulting understanding to further refine the Language Models and Knowledge Graphs.

The Soleo Voice Services Platform can be the front end of the Soleo Discovery Engine to voice enable solutions across all mobile and personal assistant based applications, websites, and movie ticketing systems. 

Soleo’s Qualified Call Network offers a programmatic ad marketplace in that it aggregates consumer search requests from a variety of sources and converts them to sales-ready calls that can then be monetized.   Soleo helps you manage focused campaigns by analyzing a consumer’s need based on location, search terms, and the type of service they seek.   Soleo consistently and securely monitors calls, identifying and blocking robocalls as part of call quality management.  The campaign management includes Soleo’s Call Tracker collects call data that can be easily used to monetize the calls in your systems.