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Qualified Call Network

Soleo Qualified Call Network (QCN)

The QCN supports Soleo's Pay-Per-Call Solutions for today’s fragmented market for purchasing call-based leads.We offer the largest source of call-based leads in North America and qualify all calls against standard measures, eliminating the need to integrate with a multitude of disparate call sources with varying degrees of quality. Using our Qualified Call Network reduces costs by eliminating the need for your own call tracking solution, as our transparent and in-depth call-by-call reporting is included. We offer API access for all facets of campaign management to enable programmatic optimization of performance.

The underlying technology of the Soleo Qualified Call Network is based on Soleo’s Digital Media Exchange, the industry-standard pay-per-call exchange, which has successfully delivered over 25M call-based leads. From there, we integrated Natural Language processing in the form of a Discovery Application that qualify callers as leads using speech recognition. The result is a robocall-free, highly-qualified, call delivered to your end customer.



The qualification of Soleo’s call inventory starts with our patented robocall identification solution that blocks telemarketers and other non-live callers from entering the network. Callers are then sent into vertical-specific call treatments to determine their intent through tailored interactive dialog. Soleo shifts the industry paradigm from convincing a caller to connect to a business to requiring the caller to prove they are a qualified lead. The use of speech recognition and natural language processing produces a highly-qualified caller with a distinct intent that is matched to the optimal advertiser using our propriety intent-matching algorithm, which accounts for the following factors:

  • Vertical
  • Category
  • Product and/or Service
  • Location
  • Day and Time

The result is a satisfied caller talking to a satisfied advertiser, increasing the likelihood of a sale and reducing the number of quality complaints.