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Top 10 Things to Look For in a Pay-Per-Call Network
For many local companies, a phone that rings is a business that sings.  The good news… buying calls for your company has never been easier. Pay-per-call is the fastest growing segment of the performance marketing industry because it typically yields a better return on investment than buying clicks to a website.  If you're considering buying call-based leads for your business, here are ten things to consider when evaluating a pay-per-call network. 1. Dynamic campaign management A pay-per-call campaign should be tailored to the specific needs of y...
Call Source Transparency - Why It’s Important to Know How Your Calls are Generated
Calls-based leads convert at a significantly higher rate than other lead generation techniques, but why you ask? It’s because in today’s world most people don’t use their phones to call a business for simple purchases. You can find, order and book virtually anything you need or want online. So, when a consumer actually picks up the phone in search of a product or service, it generally involves an urgent issue or a complicated or expensive purchase. So, it is not a surprise that many businesses want to purchase these high-intent calls, but they should be cautious regarding ...
Robocall Blocking
Today it often feels like we are constantly tethered to our phones. It can be downright exhausting trying to keep up with the endless stream of calls, texts, emails and social media feeds. To make matters worse, chances are you have received at least one of those annoying calls with an automated message on other end of the line trying to sell you a product you don’t want, or even worse, trying to bait you into providing your personal information. The industry term for this type of harassing and unsolicited call is known as a Robocall. So, what is a Robocall? A Robocall is a ca...
What Is Programmatic Advertising?
The expanding array of digital devices and media channels has created a complex and fragmented digital landscape. That has made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to capture consumer attention at the right time with relevant messaging. Programmatic advertising helps solve this and enables marketers to reach targeted audiences at scale even in a fragmented digital landscape. It uses software to replace human processes and automates most of the previously manual aspects of media buying. By relying on algorithms and machine learning to make data-driven decisions, programmatic increas...
Using Language, Naturally
Our natural language technology understands language like a person – in a conversational, natural way – and returns business listings. If someone said “My dog is sick” you would know their dog was not feeling well and may need a veterinarian. But Google would not. It would return with articles on “Top 10 Signs Your Dog May Be Sick,” videos about identifying a sick dog, or ways to comfort your ill pup. would return veterinarians and veterinary hospitals. During Soleo call intercepts, a consumer calls a disconnected number and w...
Pulling the Plug on Robocalls
Robocalls are public enemy number one. They’re not just a nuisance to consumers, they’re often a scam and illegal. Despite the common distaste for the unwanted calls, robocall companies are on the web flaunting services for 1¢ or less a call, prodding potential buyers to spend millions on them. National robocall volumes set a record for the second straight month in April, as Americans were blasted by 3.36 billion robocalls in April, marking a 6.5% increase over the previous record set in March.  And that is a stunning 34.4% increase over April of last year, accor...
Our Customers Define Quality
There are differing views in the pay-per-call industry over what makes a call a “quality” call. Is it the length of the call? A sale being made?  Our answer is simple: call quality is defined by you - our customers. Soleo customers can get very specific about which calls define a quality call. Let’s say you own a locksmith business that specializes in urgent calls and is open 24 hours. Maybe you only want to buy the priority calls outside of 9am-5pm hours when someone has, perhaps, been locked out of a car or house. Imagine the call going something like this:...
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Pay-Per-Call Brochure
As North America’s largest pay-per-call network, we analyze a consumer’s need based on location, search terms and the type of service they seek, so we can connect relevant, high-intent calls to your business. Learn more about Soleo's Pay-Per-Call solution today.
The Challenges of Local Search
Every day, consumers are searching for products and services. Even those not shopping online usually turn to the Internet to find the nearest business offering the desired products or services (ex: restaurants, repair services, health services). They conduct these searches using computers, mobile devices, and more recently through voice assistants. These consumers are generally looking to make a purchase within 24 hours or less, and every business wants to be at the forefront of those search results. Today’s online savvy consumer, nonetheless, can encounter many obstacles in attemp...
Top 10 Reasons Why Soleo Pay-Per-Call Network
Performance-based advertising only succeeds with a deep understanding of how leads are generated and the right technology that can make it happen. Why pay for impressions on a website when you can buy calls specifically for your business? The Soleo Qualified Call Network is an AI-based programmatic exchange that matches consumer calls with local, regional, and national merchants that are looking to be found, based on consumer intent. Learn more here about why Soleo's Qualified Call Network solution is right for you!  
Digital Publisher Brochure
Learn more about how Soleo can provide a quick and easy web solution for publishers to retain users and generate revenue streams. 
Brands Brochure
With the increased use of mobile phones and tablets, consumer purchasing behavior is rapidly changing. Through their devices, consumers are utilizing web search to locate business information, interact with voice-based assistants, and making more calls to purchase services than ever before. In fact, 70% of consumers call businesses directly from search results. Find out how Soleo can provide brands with high-quality calls and audio ads specifically for their businesses on Norht America's largest Qualified Call Network. 
Affiliates Brochure
Client demands are increasing. The new “norm” is an expectation of high quality leads, high conversion rates, detailed data analytics, the ability to target specific consumers, and meeting ROI targets. Learn more about Soleo's solution that gives affiliates the high-quality, sales-ready leads they need to satisfy their clients.
Agencies Brochure
Technology is changing the way consumers seek and discover information, relying heavily on web search tools. For agencies, this complicates the success of current lead generation programs. To retain and attract new clients, agencies must be consistent in fulfilling a client’s budget with high quality leads and high conversion rates, as well as providing effective tracking and reports to measure ROI. Learn more about how Soleo provides effective and easy solutions for agencies to drive calls directly to their businesses.
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