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Why Performance Marketing is a Trend That's Here to Stay
It’s no secret that traditional marketing is on the decline. Traditional forms of marketing such as event marketing, print advertising, and TV and radio advertising have been on a downward slope for quite some time – one that has been even further steepened by the coronavirus pandemic. Over the course of the pandemic, more than 83 million event attendees were required to change their plans. Marketers who were planning to take advantage of those events were forced to move their advertising dollars elsewhere. Likewise, the lack of mass commuters and overall fear of contract...
Best Practices for Optimizing Your Bidding Strategy
So you’ve decided to get started with pay-per-call, but you’re new, and building a campaign comes with a lot of questions. A common query from new advertisers often has to do with setting a bid price – what is it? How do I know what price to choose?  We hear you, and we’re here to help. Our team has answered all your bidding questions to help you build a campaign that’s competitive. What is bidding? Bidding in pay-per-call involves specifying what you’re willing to pay for a specific call duration. For example, an auto insurance provider mi...
How Pay-Per-Call Increases Marketing ROI for Auto Insurance Companies
The auto insurance industry is highly competitive and faces many challenges when it comes to marketing their services and generating sales. However, pay-per-call can meet these challenges and help auto insurance businesses increase their marketing ROI with high-intent leads and a 50% conversion rate. Pay-per-call marketing allows businesses to purchase qualified inbound phone calls that are more likely to convert than leads from other lead generation efforts. Advertisers can customize their campaign requirements, including call duration, category, and location, and then only pay for ...
Choosing the Right Performance Marketing Strategy
Today, an increasing number of companies are shifting their marketing budgets from traditional marketing towards performance-based marketing. Performance marketing is just what the name implies: marketing based on performance. In other words, you only pay when your ad performs or when a specific desired action is completed. Performance marketing is an excellent alternative to the more traditional marketing methods because it generally involves little to no risk for the advertiser, low costs, and a high return on investment (ROI). There are numerous forms of performance-based marketin...
Pay-Per-Call: Three Tips & Tricks for Beginners
  What You Need to Know as You Get Started Pay-per-call is a profitable option for marketers who wish to generate leads and drive conversion rates with minimal risk. When executed correctly, pay-per-call campaigns deliver a high volume of quality, call-based leads directly to businesses. Call-based leads are more likely to convert than other inbound leads because direct callers are typically ready to make a purchase when they call. Pay-per-call marketing is new to many and, for beginners, the unknowns of the pay-per-call arena may be daunting or overwhelming. For that reas...
How to Measure Success in Your Pay-Per-Call Campaign
Understanding Campaign Results to Maximize Inbound Call Traffic The only way to know you are getting the best return on your pay-per-call investment is to measure your campaign’s success. When you do this, you not only ensure that your campaign is  valuable, but you can also identify opportunities to make your campaign perform even better. Keep these tips in mind when it comes time for you to measure your pay-per-call campaign’s success. Track calls to understand where they come from Inbound calls generated in a pay-per-call campaign may come from a variety ...
What Can Pay-Per-Call Do to Help Your Inbound Sales Agents?
Drive higher conversion rates at a lower cost per lead Lead generation specialists working for national and regional brands understand the importance of maintaining a steady flow of quality prospects for their contact center agents.  Poor performance from inbound marketing can be a double whammy: you overpay for advertising while your customer engagement team sits idle. The key to driving higher conversion rates for your contact center is finding consumers that are further down the sales funnel as opposed to those still shopping around.  How do you find them? It isn&rsqu...
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How to Design a Successful Landing Page
With the right ad traffic, a good landing page equals a successful pay-per-call campaign. Download the white paper below to learn more.
Taking The Guesswork Out of Lead Generation
Find out how you can attract new customers through pay-per-call - performance marketing at its best.
What Can Pay-Per-Call Do to Help Your Inbound Sales Agents?
Learn how pay-per-call can help national brands drive more qualified leads to their inbound sales agents at higher conversion rates and lower costs per lead. 
Pay-Per-Call Brochure
As North America’s largest pay-per-call network, we analyze a consumer’s need based on location, search terms and the type of service they seek, so we can connect relevant, high-intent calls to your business. Learn more about Soleo's Pay-Per-Call solution today.
The Challenges of Local Search
Every day, consumers are searching for products and services. Even those not shopping online usually turn to the Internet to find the nearest business offering the desired products or services (ex: restaurants, repair services, health services). They conduct these searches using computers, mobile devices, and more recently through voice assistants. These consumers are generally looking to make a purchase within 24 hours or less, and every business wants to be at the forefront of those search results. Today’s online savvy consumer, nonetheless, can encounter many obstacles in attemp...
Top 10 Reasons Why Soleo Pay-Per-Call Network
Performance-based advertising only succeeds with a deep understanding of how leads are generated and the right technology that can make it happen. Why pay for impressions on a website when you can buy calls specifically for your business? The Soleo Qualified Call Network is an AI-based programmatic exchange that matches consumer calls with local, regional, and national merchants that are looking to be found, based on consumer intent. Learn more here about why Soleo's Qualified Call Network solution is right for you!  
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Learn more about how Soleo can provide a quick and easy web solution for publishers to retain users and generate revenue streams. 
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