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What Can Pay-Per-Call Do to Help Your Inbound Sales Agents?
Drive higher conversion rates at a lower cost per lead Lead generation specialists working for national and regional brands understand the importance of maintaining a steady flow of quality prospects for their contact center agents.  Poor performance from inbound marketing can be a double whammy: you overpay for advertising while your customer engagement team sits idle. The key to driving higher conversion rates for your contact center is finding consumers that are further down the sales funnel as opposed to those still shopping around.  How do you find them? It isn&rsqu...
Top 10 Things to Look For in a Pay-Per-Call Network
For many local companies, a phone that rings is a business that sings.  The good news… buying calls for your company has never been easier. Pay-per-call is the fastest growing segment of the performance marketing industry because it typically yields a better return on investment than buying clicks to a website.  If you're considering buying call-based leads for your business, here are ten things to consider when evaluating a pay-per-call network. 1. Dynamic campaign management A pay-per-call campaign should be tailored to the specific needs of y...
Call Source Transparency - Why It’s Important to Know How Your Calls are Generated
It may surprise you to learn that call-based leads convert at a significantly higher rate than other lead generation techniques. In today’s world, most people don’t use their phones to call a business for simple purchases. You can find, order, and book virtually anything you need or want online. So, when a consumer actually picks up the phone in search of a product or service, it generally involves an urgent issue or a complicated, expensive purchase. These high-intent calls are in high demand among business owners, but they should be cautious regarding exactly what calls th...
Reliable Call Volume - A Must-Have for Pay Per Call Networks
One of the most annoying aspects of a campaign management platform is the lack of consistency and the need to change your campaign parameters consistently. Said differently, you want to use a platform that can deliver a consistent cadence of quality leads. This isn’t easy and the quality platforms tend to rely on historical data analysis to anticipate future call volumes. This means that you must ensure that the platform you select is using machine learning to figure out lead volumes.  The best platforms can figure out the flow of leads by day of week and time of day. This...
Control Your Campaigns with Dynamic Campaign Management
As we discussed in our overview post, any quality pay-per-call campaign must be tailored to the specific needs of an individual business. This means as a manager or business owner, you can control when you want calls, from which business categories, from what locations, and for what price. Here are some ways you should be thinking about the dynamics of any campaign management platform. Business Categories There are hundreds and hundreds of business categories. In order for you to be most efficient in leveraging a call campaign, you'll need to select the business categories tho...
Robocall Blocking
Today it often feels like we are constantly tethered to our phones. It can be downright exhausting trying to keep up with the endless stream of calls, texts, emails and social media feeds. To make matters worse, chances are you have received at least one of those annoying calls with an automated message on other end of the line trying to sell you a product you don’t want, or even worse, trying to bait you into providing your personal information. The industry term for this type of harassing and unsolicited call is known as a Robocall. Learn more about Soleo's robocall blo...
What Is Programmatic Advertising?
The expanding array of digital devices and media channels has created a complex and fragmented digital landscape. That has made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to capture consumer attention at the right time with relevant messaging. Programmatic advertising helps solve this and enables marketers to reach targeted audiences at scale even in a fragmented digital landscape. It uses software to replace human processes and automates most of the previously manual aspects of media buying. By relying on algorithms and machine learning to make data-driven decisions, programmatic increas...
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What Can Pay-Per-Call Do to Help Your Inbound Sales Agents?
Learn how pay-per-call can help national brands drive more qualified leads to their inbound sales agents at higher conversion rates and lower costs per lead. 
Pay-Per-Call Brochure
As North America’s largest pay-per-call network, we analyze a consumer’s need based on location, search terms and the type of service they seek, so we can connect relevant, high-intent calls to your business. Learn more about Soleo's Pay-Per-Call solution today.
The Challenges of Local Search
Every day, consumers are searching for products and services. Even those not shopping online usually turn to the Internet to find the nearest business offering the desired products or services (ex: restaurants, repair services, health services). They conduct these searches using computers, mobile devices, and more recently through voice assistants. These consumers are generally looking to make a purchase within 24 hours or less, and every business wants to be at the forefront of those search results. Today’s online savvy consumer, nonetheless, can encounter many obstacles in attemp...
Top 10 Reasons Why Soleo Pay-Per-Call Network
Performance-based advertising only succeeds with a deep understanding of how leads are generated and the right technology that can make it happen. Why pay for impressions on a website when you can buy calls specifically for your business? The Soleo Qualified Call Network is an AI-based programmatic exchange that matches consumer calls with local, regional, and national merchants that are looking to be found, based on consumer intent. Learn more here about why Soleo's Qualified Call Network solution is right for you!  
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Learn more about how Soleo can provide a quick and easy web solution for publishers to retain users and generate revenue streams. 
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With the increased use of mobile phones and tablets, consumer purchasing behavior is rapidly changing. Through their devices, consumers are utilizing web search to locate business information, interact with voice-based assistants, and making more calls to purchase services than ever before. In fact, 70% of consumers call businesses directly from search results. Find out how Soleo can provide brands with high-quality calls and audio ads specifically for their businesses on Norht America's largest Qualified Call Network. 
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Client demands are increasing. The new “norm” is an expectation of high quality leads, high conversion rates, detailed data analytics, the ability to target specific consumers, and meeting ROI targets. Learn more about Soleo's solution that gives affiliates the high-quality, sales-ready leads they need to satisfy their clients.
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