Why join the Soleo Call Network?

100% Pay for Performance
Soleo's pay for performance model means you only pay for quality call leads. Our platform allows you to set targets based on category, location and bid price in order to generate calls directly to your business.
Billions of Searches
Soleo's call network handles billions of consumer searches, across 2,400 categories, on an annual basis, with the intent to drive callers to businesses.
Natural Language Understanding
Soleo provides better search results. We leverage our natural language technology and keyword mapping to make sure it's a match between the consumer and the merchant.
Suspicious Call Detection
Our Suspicious Call Detection service identifies calls placed from suspicious numbers. These calls are filtered through a real-time analytics platform that ingests data from millions of daily calls to distinguish malicious calls from legitimate ones.
API Solutions
Gain access to our programmatic network of advertisers and publishers through our flexible API Solutions.
Call Tracking & Reporting
Our platform offers call tracking and real-time performance reporting. We provide ‘clean’ numbers that have not been used in the last 90 days.

Soleo has been a trusted source for quality call leads for over 15 years.